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The Protection of Purchases with PayPal

Publié le 22/04/2013

Information translated from the french site of PayPal:

When you buy an object with PayPal, you are delivered or paid off.


The Protection of Purchases PayPal


You benefit free of charge from the Protection of Purchases PayPal on the small sites as on the big retail websites, in France as abroad. If you do not receive your order, you can benefit from the cover(blanket) PayPal and be paid off the entire sum, inclusive postal charges.

How can it be done?

You can indicate us that you did not receive your parcel in 45 days which follow the transaction(deal). Meeting Open your Administrator of disputes and open a dispute for received object. If you do not find common ground with the seller, transform this dispute into complaint.

Attention: you have 20 days after the opening of your dispute to transform it into complaint. Beyond this deadline, it will automatically be closed and we cannot intervene any more. If the trader is not capable of supplying us the documentary evidences for which we ask him, you will entirely be paid off.

What are the conditions of the protection PayPal?


PayPal protects the purchases of tangible assets, paid at one time and delivered by a carrier. The digital properties, the objects delivered personally or paid in cash cannot be covered by the protection of purchases PayPal, no documentary evidence allowing us to verify if the object was received.


Security of your banking information


By paying with PayPal, you do not seize your number of card on all the sites on which you go shopping. We never communicate your account ID to the addressees of your payments.


Protection against the fraud


You are totally covered in case of fraud. That is, if your financial information is used without your authorization, you are entirely paid off.


Encoding of the data


The tool PayPal of reassurance and prevention is among the most successful of the market. All the data registered on your account PayPal are coded. The exchanges of emails which we may have are also coded but we disadvise you to send by email of the sensitive information as your number of account or Social Security. If you have to supply this type of information, prefer the telephone. Our systems of prevention detect the attempts of fraud on your account. In case of doubt, the account is automatically surrounded and we contact you immediately.

Automatic confirmation by email


Every time you receive or make a payment via PayPal, we send you an email of confirmation. If you receive an email of confirmation concerning a transaction which you did not make, warn(prevent) us immediately so that we can react at best.

More information on the site of PayPal:


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