We propose you a seminary " Art and Creativity " for the employees of your company. 


The objective is to improve the performances of the employees by increasing their creative potential and strengthening the cohesion of the teams. 


This seminary is conceived, in principle, for a duration of 6 hours for a group of a dozen participants.


The theoretical first part will be dedicated to the contemporary art and to the innovative techniques of creation.


In the second, the participants will realize, themselves equips, a work, for example, according to the technique of "the action painting" introduced by the American painter, Jackson Pollock (attached photo).


The seminary addresses all the teams (finance, marketing, RH, commercial, production, technical) and its directors.


Realizations of several original works for the head office of the group LAFORET at the request of its C.E.O., M. E. RIZKALLAH.

Panhard by KONQUI



Installation of spare parts of vehicles of collection PANHARD for Alain MIKLI.