Œuvres 2

The electric guitar player
Le joueur de piano
Fêtes de beaux rêves !
Miss Dior
Moz'Art Gold
Oursons !
Roller !
Roller Colors
Hello Kitty !
Candies !
Consummer Society
Pasta in gold !
Saxo Fever !
Jurassic Bar !
Hello Kitty !
Sculptures mix
Violon acryliques
Purple Guit'Art
Pasta Colors

Consumerism by Konqui


Comments on twelve works of "Consumerism by Konqui" :

Interview co-writes by Jean-Marc DAIROU, Professor of Plastic arts and Franck d' ALMEIDA, Biographer.

Girafe Crazy Horse

Girafe Crazy Horse


Renting art: individuals and businesses, for its offices, stands, reception halls ... to test his desire to buy. for an event. You can rent the works for periods ranging from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 18 months (it is always possible to renew a contract). The works are delivered ready to hang. The monthly rental cost is 2% of the price of the work / month for a period of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. For events, fixed price: contact us. You are responsible for the packaging and transport costs. A deposit check, NOT CASHED, of 25% of the amount including tax of the work must be deposited and will be returned at the end of the contract. Liability insurance is your responsibility. Possibility of purchase at the end of the contract: the rental amount will then be fully deducted from the price of the work. A contract committing both parties will be signed. Example: You rent a work for three months at 2000 euros: - NON CASH deposit check of 500 euros - check, bank transfer, Paypal, with the rental order of 40 euros / month or 120 euros + postage and packaging (on estimate). Delivery within 15 days by CARRIER (quote sent on communication of the exact delivery address). Possibility also to take delivery on site. The flexibility of this rental system allows you to change your artistic environment. Bringing art into the living environment is a very differentiating vector, sending friends, relations, clients, partners and collaborators a positive, dynamic and elegant image. Art is a stimulus for creativity and reflection.